På utrygg grün | On precarious ground

The fragility and unpredictability of the earth beneath our feet have shaped the artists’ experiences throughout this year’s Stokkøyart residency. The journey from Trondheim airport to Stokkøya was redirected as a result of the Stokksundveien landslide almost entirely decimating the road and cutting the island off from mainland Norway. Consequently, the artists travelled there by boat; the way the island’s inhabitants and visitors have done for centuries prior to the modern bridges and roads being built. Until an old horse track was made accessible there was no passage to or from the island by car. This led them to consider questions around the liability of infrastructure and what happens when it fails to perform.


Based in Fosen, Sør-Trøndelag, the four artists from British, Danish, Nigerian and Peruvian backgrounds have collaborated and explored the DNA of Stokkøya/Åfjord. They have channelled their experiences and research into the production of an installation comprising five painted sculptures constructed from steel found amongst the chaos of natural debris at the landslide site. Each shape has been transformed by the catastrophe from its sleek, streamlined original form to contorted, irregular and characterful objects which express the landscape’s act of rebellion against excessive industrial development. Accompanying this installation is a sound work which consists of social media posts relating to the landslide and the transportation issues it created, resulting in the building of new social infrastructure.

A site-specific installation by Christopher Pearson, Ingrid Pumayalla, Michael Taiwo and Kirsten Bertelsen