Between September of 2016 and May of 2017 460 hectares of the National Reserve Tambopata in Madre de Dios (Peru) have been destroyed. The Amazon is becoming a toxic waste dessert. The construction of the Interoceanic highway that crosses Brazil and Peru has change the rainforest as a consequence of ilegal gold mining, prostitution and toxic waste. These are several and delicate situations that people who inhabit the rainforest are being affected by.  

The Amazon is one of the most biodiverse rainforest in the planet. There are thousands of species that are disappearing as a consequence of toxic waste, mercury that leaks into the rivers, waste, capitalism, progress and gold. 


During this performance I sang a chant as the shamans do while they perform healing ceremonies. The shamans have trespassed ancestral knowledge about plants’ properties and the cosmology of indigenous people in the Amazon, the Andes and the Pacific Coast of South America